Simultaneous Pairs

Simultaneous Pairs


What are Simutaneous Pairs events?

These are duplicate pairs competitions played with the same pre-dealt hands

After each event there is a booklet detailing the hands that have been played, accompanied by commentaries written by experts. Players can use these booklets and the scores to compare their performance.  This helps to make these events both challenging and fun.

We usually play this twice a fortnight as part of the varied bridge programme on our bridge holidays



Prize Night!!


On the last night of the holiday, we have a light hearted evenng of bridge, where interesting prizes are up for grabs.

Less competetive and with a greater emphasis on having fun than the usual nights, every holiday we've run so far, this night has always been a great success, will you win one of our mystery prizes?


The always popular ladies night!

Again as part of the varied programme we always run a ladies night, just for the young (at heart) ladies on our bridge holidays,  where the gentlemen provide stiff opposition, but the winners are the highest placed ladies pair.

Never fails to be entertaining and always extremely popular!

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